Eco Action Games - How effective is a games-centric approach in changing student eco behaviours?

Tags: learning | eco | games centric | changing behaviour

We urgently need new approaches to improving societal environmental awareness. Many have been promoting negative, pessimistic and doom laden set of messages for far too long, arguably with only limited success in convincing mainstream society to take personal environmental action seriously.

That is why this novel technique to inspire people into taking action is so refreshing, and why I am happy to champion it. The evidence is mounting that sharing with people, in a fun, sociable setting, the simple actions they can take to reduce their environmental footprint, but without a guilt trip attached to that messaging, is an effective way to engage people in taking action.

The results obtained through this research, facilitated though our University’s Grand Ethical Challenge project, are encouraging and demonstrate a particularly effective approach to engaging students in environmental action; I happily recommend this report to anyone interested in studying novel approaches to environmental behavioural change.