Influence! 2019 - Building Your Influence - The Role of the Smart Sustainability Leader

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This session looked at how you can ensure you are as effective as possible in getting your message across, how to build your influence and go about persuading senior management. This session was useful in finding out what others have done successfully and how they have engaged their senior leaders.

This interactive session started with introducing recent EAUC publications looking at the Business Case for sustainability and 'How to Make the Case' to Governing bodies within your organisation. It looked at some resources to identify strategies and concepts to embed sustainability, and offered an opportunity for discussion and workshops relating to how to use these concepts to make a real impact on leadership within your organisation. 

You can now revisit the content of the session by downloading the file.

This session was part of Influence, the EAUC’s 2019 Annual Conference. All resources from the day can be found here.