Influence! Play your cards right, a new way to teach climate change

Tags: climate change | eauc conference | IPCC | global warming | Teaching; global warming | teaching platform

Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges society faces. In October 2018 an IPCC, Special Report, stressed that we have only ten years to turn our behaviour around so that we do not exceed 1.5 degrees C with detrimental effects on all living beings.

The good news is that it is not too late. In this session, delegates played a future scenario card game that incorporates key insights into a broad range of climate change issues. Different cards, combining climate change science and innovative solutions are dealt; the game also involves elements of coaching and mentoring.

This game has already been tested with students in different parts of the world, results show that the game empowers and allows new innovative solutions to emerge.

Join us in our upcoming workshop (2019/2010) to take part in an interactive game that maps out future climate change scenarios and incorporates key insights of the climate crisis. Not only does this game contain innovative solutions it involves elements of coaching and mentoring. You will then be able to deliver this game to others afterwards to galvanise action.  Please email: to find out more information.

NOTE:  You can also use the cards in your own way but please keep the logo of NBS on the cards when you are using them.