LSIS - Embedding sustainability in teaching learning and curriculum July 2013

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Sustainability in learning and skills: a legacy of knowledge

The Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) published three new research reports on sustainability which can serve to inform and serve FE and skills sector learning providers as they look to embed sustainability skills and education for sustainable development (ESD) in their learning provision, building on the support and resources that LSIS has offered over the last three years.

The publication of the reports marks the completion of the LSIS Leading and Learning for a Sustainable Future strategy which we launched in spring 2010, said Conrad Benefield, LSIS Sustainability Programme Development Manager. In their way, each of the reports is a testament to the commitment and achievement of the sector in getting to grips with sustainability and sustainable development. They reflect the depth and breadth of effective practice in the sector, the enthusiasm and commitment of sustainability leaders and champions, and the contribution that the sector can continue to make to sustainable economic growth and sustainable communities.

Embedding Sustainability in Teaching Learning and Curriculum

This project aimed to explore the relevance of sustainability to education and training; to identify the specific skills and knowledge that teaching staff require to embed sustainability; and to identify barriers, challenges and solutions.