Sustainability Reporting: An Honest Dialogue

Tags: sustainability | leadership | reporting | EAUCConf16

Sustainability Reporting: An Honest Dialogue  image #1

This workshop presentation is from the “Learning and Legacy: The Role of Education in Creating Healthier and Happier Cities” EAUC Annual Conference 2016, presented by Matthew Lawson, Programme Manager - University of Edinburgh; Sarah Lee, Scotland Manager - EAUC and Jackie Beresford, Environmental Officer – Dundee and Angus College and falls under the Leadership and Governance stream. To find more presentations and resources from this Conference, search for EAUCConf16.

In this session delegates shared best practice with peers that focused on sustainability reporting in the further and higher education sector. They learned how colleges and universities in Scotland have responded to the introduction of mandatory climate change reporting for public bodies. They also discovered how institutions have approached sustainability reporting by analysing leading sustainability reports from the sector in a workshop setting. The session provided the opportunity for attendees to have an honest dialogue about the challenges and opportunities in sustainability reporting.