WRAP - Sustainable Procurement

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Wrap have launched a series of sustainable procurement e-learning modules which are free to use by registering. A total of six modules have been developed comprising of an Introduction to Sustainable Procurement, and five independent modules, each dedicated to high priority areas and are designed to help procurement practitioners achieve cost savings by using resources more efficiently, and sending less waste to landfill.

The interactive modules have been developed with input from industry and UK public sector procurers. They include good practice procurement wording and sample contract clauses, to help buyers implement sustainable practices when procuring common goods and services. They contain guidance on tools to embed sustainability within an organisations procurement, and highlight key learning concepts and exemplar case studies that demonstrate the benefits which can be achieved through green procurement.   The modules have been designed to help both public and private sector professionals.

The Modules have been developed as part of WRAP, an EU project, funded by the European Commission and Defra.

You may also be interested in viewing some of our other sustainable procurement related items, available at http://www.wrap.org.uk/content/sustainable-procurement and includes:- 

  • Case study and report on barriers to embedding sustainable procurement and solutions on how to overcome them.
  • Case studies on sustainable procurement in practice.
  • Case study and report on a methodology we developed for identifying items of frequent use that pose a high risk in terms of future availability and to support decision making for future planning for securing at risk, business critical items. The methodology is based on the National Health Service, but is applicable to all business, both private and public sector.

All of the above have been developed as part of WRAPs work for an EU LIFE+ funded EPOW project (European Pathway to Zero Waste).

WRAP is working towards a world without waste, where resources are used sustainably.