The European Waste Catalogue (EWC)

The EWC is a hierarchical list of waste descriptions established by Commission Decision 2000/532/EC. It is divided into twenty main chapters each of which has a two-digit code between 01 and 20. Most of the chapters relate to industry but some are based on materials and processes. Individual wastes within each chapter are assigned a six figure code. The descriptions and codes within the EWC are a suitable part of the description of your waste so as to comply with your duty of care.

Within the list hazardous wastes are signified by entries where the code is followed by an asterisk. Those that are 'Absolute Entries' (i.e. are always hazardous waste) are shown in red and the letter 'A' appears beside them. For some entries the judgment on whether they are hazardous depends on the threshold of any dangerous substance that is present. These entries are 'Mirror Entries', They are coloured blue and the letter 'M' appears beside them. The European Waste catalogue is available at