The SDGTeachIn- How Student Demand Led to Over 200 Teaching Staff Including the SDGs

Tags: SDGs | teaching | NUS | EAUCConf18

The #SDGTeachIn: how student demand led to over 200 teaching staff including the SDGs in their teaching, learning, and assessment Quinn Runkle - NUS. Katie Jepson - NUS 67% of students have not heard about the SDGs, but upon hearing of them 61% would like to learn more. How do we meet this student demand? The #SDGTeachIn in February engaged 200+ teaching staff at 30 institutions, reaching over 11,000 students. This campaign aimed to start a conversation and help students and academics to identify the links between their discipline and the SDGs. This session will share outcomes of the campaign including what educators did, how students responded, and what lasting effect it might have. Participants will leave with ideas about how to engage educators in the SDGs and have the opportunity to feed into the campaign.