The World’s Most Sustainable University 2015: Energy

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The World’s Most Sustainable University 2015: Energy image #1

This workshop presentation is from the “Global Goals: Local Action” EAUC Annual Conference 2017, presented by John Bailey, Head of Sustainability - University of London and fell under the Planet - Climate stream. To find more presentations and resources from this Conference, search for EAUCConf17.

What will the world’s most sustainable university look like in 2050?

Following on from COP21 in Paris, this session looked at energy use across UK university campuses and find out what it would take for universities to meet the needs of the treaty in terms of energy use and carbon reduction.

In 2016, the progress is slow, the sector is on course to fail to meet its own targets but there are a few glimmers of progress that show the pathway to a sustainable 2050.