Waste Management Topic Support Network Meeting Oct 2019 Resources

Tags: waste management | Zero Waste Scotland | Waste Management TSN | Deposit Return Scheme

The Waste Management Topic Support Network met on the 30th October 2019 at Glasgow Caledonian University to discuss the current issues and opportunities regarding waste management in further and higher education.

Presentations and discussion included:

  • Deposit Return Scheme (Louisa Coursey, Sector Manager Deposit Return Scheme, Zero Waste Scotland)
  • Changing Student Behaviours to Prevent Food Waste (Cat Acheson, Previously Zero Waste Scotland)
  • ReMade Network (Sophie Unwin, Founder & Director, ReMade Network)
  • UniGreenScheme (Nenad Denkov, Scotland Business Manager)
  • WashR – Dedicated Solution for Cleaning Reusable Cups (Lesley Thomson, CEO, WashR)
  • Dew Products – Eco & Refillable Cleaning Products (Erik Smyth, CEO)

You can find out more about our Waste Management Topic Support Network and past meetings here.