Waste Management TSN 4th May

Tags: waste | management


On the 4th May 2021 the Waste Management Topic Support Network met virtually to discuss approaches to tackling the issue of laboratory plastic waste. 

The University of Exeter forecast that the average lab bench scientist can produce up to 1 tonne of plastic waste each year. 

In the TSN we heard from three different institutions on their approach to tackling this issue, with the aim of showcasing a holistic response. Projects included:

Edinburgh Napier University's work with their waste contractor to accept lab plastics for recycling (starting 11m 49s in recording)
University of Dundee's work to streamline the type of plastics used in labs to aid recycling (starting 32m 8s)
University of Edinburgh's work on reusing lab plastics and changing materials (starting 1h 2m 20s).

This was followed by questions and group discussion (starting 1h 20m).
Presentations can be downloaded from the right-hand side and the TSN recording can be viewed below.

You can find out more about our Waste Management Topic Support Network here.