Waste Treatment site visit group Waste Treatment Site Visit
On the 13th of December 2017 the EAUC-Scotland Waste Management Topic Support Network met, following a site visit to waste treatment facilities, at Glasgow Caledonian University.

A note on the waste treatment site visits:

The network visited William Tracey's zero-to-landfill site near Glasgow. This site is the only of its kind in Scotland where all waste (glass, paper, industrial, plastic, wood etc.) is processed and re-used or sold on. Following this we visited the Energen Biogas food waste centre, where food waste is converted into energy via methane at 97% efficiency. Both tours gave an insight into the problems we face with waste streams and what is being done to overcome them, with a clear overview of how collecting waste properly at your institution can have a huge impact on recoverable materials. Documents supplied by William Tracey, and photos taken on the site visit, are available to download from the side of this page.

To read a blog covering the trip from a TSN member click here

The following meeting was the first official meeting for the TSN's new co-convenor Paulo Cruz from Glasgow Caledonian University, along with Trudy Cunningham from the University of Dundee. The agenda topics were:

  • Discussion: Cigarette Litter
  • Discussion: Waste minimisation
  • Discussion: Experiences with Waste Data
  • European Week for Waste Reduction - Presentation on learning from Spela Raposa. University of Strathclyde
  • Smart Bin Technology

All resources are linked into the minutes document.

You can find out more about our Waste Management Topic Support Network and past meetings here.