Green Gown Awards – 2016 – Best Newcomer

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Best Newcomer

This category recognises those institutions that are starting their sustainability journey and is only open to those who have not applied for a Green Gown Award previously. Initiatives could include those which have achieved significant sustainability achievements in a relative short period and/or with a restricted budget, e.g. quick wins, good progress from a low base in a short period of time. Applications must show how learning from others has been implemented. Applications must show substantial commitment from senior management and go beyond legal compliance.

UPDATED FOR 2016: As well as being open to all institutions who have never applied before, it is now also open to those that have previously applied but never been selected as a Finalist. Judges also have the discretion to award up to two winners for the Best Newcomer category representing one for Colleges and one for Universities. However, this will only be done when applications are of a high quality and is not mandatory for judges to do so.

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