Green Gown Awards – 2016 – Sustainability Champion Award

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Sustainability Champion Award

The Sustainability Champion Award is open to both staff and students at a tertiary education institution. It will recognise people at any level (except Executive level – please submit under the Leadership Award) who have worked hard at implementing a sustainability project/initiative (or several) and whose involvement has made a positive impact be that on their peers, their institution, their students, their local community or their local workforce. A key criteria is actions that have been taken over and above the normal requirements of people’s jobs. Applications must provide evidence of impact, and of good leadership/championing practice in engaging and inspiring others.

This category is only open to staff who do not have a formal responsibility for sustainability – for staff with a formal responsibility for sustainability please submit under the Sustainability Professional Award or Leadership Award as appropriate.

Individuals apply themselves but should be formally nominated by a manager or peer (within or outside the sector). Individuals that have not won previously can reapply after 2 years.

Judges have the discretion to award two Winners:

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