Institutions with large grounds would benefit from setting up a composting scheme. Most garden waste (eg grass clippings or fallen leaves) is biodegradable and can easily be composted. Some waste from kitchens (eg vegetable peelings) can be added to this. The compost can subsequently spread back onto landscaped areas and flower beds around the institution.

If you decide to compost the waste material bear in mind that the size of the campus often means that the location and maintenance of compost heaps may be subject to planning controls and legal restrictions.

Up to 1,000 tonnes (400 tonnes in Scotland) of shredded material, or material to be shredded, can be stored for up to 7 days without a Waste Management Licence. (Your Institution may also apply for an exemption from Waste Management Licensing enabling you to burn less than 10 tonnes of wood, bark or other plant matter on site within a period of 24 hours provided that dark smoke is not produced).

The following web links provide some information on composting: