Managing Hedgerows

Remember to always survey first. A hedgerow survey handbook can be obtained from DEFRA.

Preserve local distinctiveness. Research and apply historical management associated with your region/ locality.

Encourage dense growth. This will increase the biodiversity value of your hedge. Cut off side shoots and one third off the top of each plant in the first year after planting.

Manage any veteran trees in hedges carefully. See the section, ‘Woodland and Trees’. 

Retain deadwood where safety allows. This will provide a valuable habitat to many species.

Leave an unmanaged strip of about one metre wide next to your hedge. This will allow the development of flowering plants and grasses and provide a good habitat for invertebrates. Mow once a year towards the end of the growth season and remove the cuttings. Removing the cuttings will result in progressively reducing the nutrient levels and will favor the growth of more species.

Consider the hedge base habitat: