Wildflower Meadows

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Wildflower meadows are a wildlife haven, stunning landscape feature and often one of the easiest habitats to create on campus. They can simply be defined as any area of grassland that contains wildflowers. Meadows attract a wide variety of species, from the insects that lay their eggs on their plants and the grasshoppers that live among them, to the birds and small mammals that in turn feed on them.

Wildflower meadows were once common in the UK, but have mostly been lost due to agricultural intensification since the 1940’s. Although these habitats have been lost forever, existing grassland can be managed to improve its species diversity and new wildflower areas, which have much in common with traditional meadows, can be created.

Creating a Wildflower Area

Diversifying an Existing Grassy Area

Starting From Scratch

What Species to Plant?

Newly Planted Areas

Ongoing Management

Case Study

Edge Hill University - Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower meadows at SRUC, Elmwood Golf Course