Starting From Scratch

This allows you to choose the species you want and an area that suits your campus.

Choose your seed carefully. Ensure that it is from an authentic British (preferably local) native source. Do not take direct from the wild.

If there is turf, remove it. This will lower the soil nutrient status to produce an area that is more favourable to wildflowers.

Create a seedbed. Break up the ground and leave it bare for a few weeks. After this, remove any seedlings that have germinated. Then rake and roll the soil lightly and remove any stones on the surface.

Sow in autumn or spring. Autumn is the best time, unless the area is prone to winter water-logging. The cold winter months will break the dormancy of many seeds.

Ensure even and sufficient cover. Follow your seed supplier’s instructions on seed quantities. Mix the seed with up to 20 times its own volume of sand to ensure even coverage.

Make sure the seed has good soil contact. After sowing, lightly rake and gently roll the soil again.