Diversifying an Existing Grassy Area

Diversifying an Existing Grassy Area image #1 Diversifying an Existing Grassy Area image #2

This is probably the most cost effective option. It could be a ‘wait and see what happens’ approach or you may want to speed the process up.

Adopt a meadow management regime. This encourages existing flowers and grasses and makes conditions favourable for the colonisation of new ones. See ‘Ongoing Management

It may take a long time. Given the high nutrient status of many lawns and their relatively low biodiversity, it may take up to ten years before you begin to see the flowers significantly increasing in numbers. A few interesting species may appear early on.

Remove the turf from small areas and scatter a grass and wildflower seed mix. This will speed the process up. Scattering seed alone without removing the turf is unlikely to be successful due to competition from surrounding vegetation.

Supplement the area by planting pot grown plants into the cleared spaces, preferably during autumn.