Overcoming Barriers to Better Building Performance in Higher Education: Advanced Level Workshop

Tags: HE | presentation | workshop | building performance | AHR

“£5 billion spent on new buildings each year, these buildings use 2-3x more energy than designed” - 2014 Green Construction Board Report

Building on feedback from the EAUC, numerous building performance evaluations (BPEs) and interviews with HE Environment and Sustainability Managers, AHR’s R&D Group hosted an advanced level workshop to discuss some of the most common issues encountered on higher education projects with regard to building performance.

With many of the results finalised AHR, along with professional bodies and Innovate UK, were looking to establish how solutions that were successfully deployed on selected projects could be applied to higher education portfolios and ascertain what is required to implement these.


Dr Judit Kimpian, AHR’s Director of Sustainable Architecture and Research
Gary Overton, AHR’s Higher Education sector head 
Dr Esfand Burman, UCL's Building Performance Research Fellow


  • Raise awareness of common barriers to improving building performance
  • Share practical solutions that improve operational outcomes
  • Understand the role of data and feedback in reducing capital/maintenance costs whilst improving occupant satisfaction
  • Identify case studies that illustrate lessons learned and best practice

This workshop was held on 13 April 2016 and you can download the presentations and workshop summary on the right above.