Scotland Sanitary Support Scheme

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Menstrual Cup Christmas Tree at West Lothian College

The Scottish Government is the first Government in the world to make free sanitary products available to all pupils and students.

The new £5 million scheme aims to fight period poverty – free sanitary products are available to pupils, students and learners at schools, colleges and universities across Scotland.

EAUC-Scotland have held two meetings over the first six months of the scheme to enable representatives from across FHE institutions to discuss how to best implement and develop the scheme, considering procurement, engagement campaigns, and operational needs.

The meetings were requested by our members, open to anyone from a Scottish university or college, and very well attended both in person and virtually. The scheme also links to sustainability in terms of wellbeing, but also in terms of waste, procurement, campus access and other overlapping areas.

Please find the notes from both these meetings available to download from this page.

Any questions or requests for resources regarding the scheme should be directed to the relevant contact from Colleges Scotland or Universities Scotland:

  • Frances Harrower (
  • Dan Wedgwood (