Travel and Transport Topic Support Network - 6th December 2022

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Travel and Transport Topic Support Network – 6th December 2022

Travel Internships, Car Clubs, Commuting Emissions and Business Travel

The EAUC-Scotland Travel and Transport Topic Support Network met virtually on the 6th December 2022 to discuss how universities and colleges can encourage students, staff and visitors to move towards more sustainable travel habits.

The agenda included:

  • Time to briefly hear participants' travel project interests (0:02:55)
  • A presentation on travel internships by Alistair Macleod from Transition University of St Andrews (0:22:39)
  • A presentation on Car Clubs and the Further and Higher Education Sector by Tony Archer from Co Wheels (0:52:42)
  • A round-table discussion on calculating staff and student commuting emissions introduced by Martin Webb from Edinburgh College (1:24:25)
  • A review of the final draft of the EAUC-Scotland Business Travel Guide for participant feedback (1:47:42)
  • EAUC Scotland Updates (1:55:26)

Please find the minutes of the meeting available to download from this page and the recording of the session located below. Time stamps of the agenda items are indicated above.

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