Green Gown Awards – 2020 – Campus of the Future

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This category recognises pathfinding campus and learning innovation to improve the student experience. Traditional campus and learning processes are challenged and advances in internet connectivity, artificial intelligence and augmented reality have scope to transform campuses and learning into more immersive and more sustainable experiences. Similarly, the digital revolution is driving smart buildings, intelligent campuses and step-change advances across all aspects of an institution giving students a richer experience of learning and teaching.  Next-generation campuses provide benefits such as enabling institutions to reduce their impact by monitoring and managing energy use in real time, streamline waste management to moving supplies around site more efficiently as well as improving student and staff well-being.  Judges will also be interested in cross-discipline and social space design. The possibilities are endless, and judges will particularly look for a whole–institution mix of enhancement of learning and wider student and community outcomes.

Applications are only likely to be successful if they provide quantitative evidence on the nature of the improvements made and demonstrate a causal relationship between activities undertaken and improvements achieved.

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