Green Gown Awards – 2017 – Employability

This category recognises the essential employability skills required for students when leaving education. Students need to be ready for the sustainability challenges faced by employers and need to have the ability to think and work creatively and flexibly. Employability outcomes are increasingly a key driver in influencing student choice and are of reputational importance.

Initiatives entering this category should illustrate how sustainability can be used to enhance graduate attributes and employability. These may arise from activities within the curriculum, be part of extra curricula initiatives, be a product of the Living Lab approach or link research output with employability skills.

Qualities and skills that will be considered include both academic abilities and personal attributes which are transferrable into the working environment and can be gained through the course of study or engagement in student life.

It must be evidenced that the initiative enhances the student's employability skills as well as resulting in beneficial social and environmental impacts.

This category is an institutional award.

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