Green Gown Awards – 2017 – Enterprise

This category recognises social, social media and sustainable enterprise as key ingredients of contemporary education to ensure a supply of education leavers who can rise to the 21st century's economic, environmental and social challenges.

Enterprise skills such as creativity, innovation, resilience, opportunity recognition and self-determination are crucial elements, as are the entrepreneurial skills for new business generation. These may arise from activities within the curriculum, be part of extra curricula initiatives or be a product of the Living Lab approach, such as linkages of research output with enterprise that transform and benefit society.

Award winning work can be with students, graduates, post-graduate researchers, academics and the business community to build enterprise skills and capability across any aspect of the institutions mission.

It must be evidenced that the initiative enhances the student’s enterprise skills as well as resulting in beneficial social and environmental impacts. It must be evidenced that alumni impact benefits society.

Initiatives can be existing students or alumni (up to a maximum of 3 years from leaving the institution) and can be individuals or collectives.

This category is an institutional award.

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