Green Gown Awards – 2017 – Facilities and Services

This category recognises facility and service excellence across an institution and how sustainability aspects are embedded throughout. It incorporates the shared services (in facilities and services) within or between organisations.

Applications should recognise initiatives where significant sustainability benefits have been achieved that are beyond normal practice or legislation. Judges will be particularly looking for initiatives that have ‘win-win’ benefits for both sustainability and performance, e.g. enhanced student experience, and improved flexibility of provision. Applications which reflect new approaches, innovation, efficiency and student engagement are welcomed. Applicants should include quantitative and qualitative data to show impact.

Initiatives could include: Biodiversity and ground maintenance; Catering including restaurants and cafes; ICT; Laboratories;  Libraries and learning spaces; Procurement; Shops; Sports facilities; Student residences (construction or refurbishment initiatives should apply under the Built Environment category); Transport (specifically activities such as fleets and not policy which would be covered under the Carbon Reduction category); Shared services within or between organisations; Effective approaches to efficiency in order to overcome duplication or fragmentation.

In line with the broader sustainability agenda, judges will be keen to see evidence, if applicable, to the project on carbon reduction. However judges will consider how effective carbon reduction has been applied to the project in a broader sustainability context rather than awarding significant weighting to this element.  Therefore, projects not containing this element are still encouraged to apply. Where applicable provide quantitative clear data to support claims being made and include overall tonnes of CO2 saved using the DEFRA/DECC conversion factors. Include, where appropriate, metrics such as: carbon savings relative to output/activity. This might be tCO2/student or tCO2/staff member and/or cost of a project relative to the amount of carbon that has been saved, i.e. £/tCO2.

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