Green Gown Awards – 2019 – Money for Good

As anchor institutions in their communities and cities, universities and colleges wield real economic and financial power. This category celebrates educational institutions which are consciously using this power to drive positive societal, environmental or cultural change. No matter how small your resources are, judges will be looking at the resulting beneficial social and environmental impacts.

The judges are looking for innovative ways that institutions use their money for good. Financial sustainability is essential and the category awards those universities and colleges who align their financial strategy with their broader sustainability objectives. Such innovation can be found for example, in using small-scale internal ring fenced funds which support sustainability initiatives or influencing society benefit through procurement contracts, social enterprises, social investment models and every day ethical banking. For those institutions with treasury, endowment or pension assets, the judges are looking for institutions who incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors across their investments and proactively use their capital through impact investments. For example, using endowment capital to invest in funds or businesses aligned with key research themes at the institution.

This category will recognise those who have taken a brave step to use their funds to directly support a project or initiatives that have real environmental, social or cultural impact. The judges will be looking for strong stakeholder engagement with staff and students and will be focussing on the scale of impact and not the actual value of the funds.

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