Green Gown Awards – 2019 – Next Generation Learning and Skills

This category recognises achievement in the development of academic courses, skills and capabilities relevant to sustainability. These can be vocational, undergraduate or postgraduate courses or related to wider purposes such as community involvement, global or environmental awareness or to support lifestyle changes.

Examples of possible application topics include:  Apprenticeships; Continuing professional development (CPD) activities;  Skill-focused courses leading to professional or vocational qualifications;  Informal adult learning; community learning; and short courses for practitioners; The development of new courses focused on some or all sustainable development issues;  Adaptation of existing courses; Use of practical sustainability-related projects or other practical activities within courses;  Work-based learning initiatives; Staff development.

Applications can be made for activities connected with academic courses if there is a practical focus on the development of specific skills which goes beyond the normal activities of the disciplinary curriculum, e.g. running community-based projects which give students considerable autonomy and develop their communication, management abilities etc.

Possible applicants for this category include: Higher Education institutions; Further Education colleges; adult and community and work-based learning providers.

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