Green Gown Awards – 2015 – Research and Development

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Research and Development

This category recognises a variety of research-based and knowledge-transfer activities within tertiary education which have had tangible effects on practice with regard to sustainability.

Possible activities include:

Eligible entries can include both large-scale projects with major impacts as well as small-scale projects that provide tangible impacts in focused areas, or amongst specific target audiences. The judges will be looking for applications which can demonstrate a clear cause-and-effect relationship between the research and positive outcomes.

Judges will be looking for evidence on how initiatives have had a clear impact on sustainability. Proof of impact is required and not proof of concept.

In line with the broader sustainability agenda, judges will be keen to see evidence, if applicable, to the project on carbon reduction. However judges will consider how effective carbon reduction has been applied to the project in a broader sustainability context rather than awarding significant weighting to this element.  Therefore, projects not containing this element are still encouraged to apply. Where applicable provide quantitative clear data to support claims being made and include overall tonnes of CO2 saved using the DEFRA/DECC conversion factors - Include, where appropriate, metrics such as: carbon savings relative to output/activity.

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