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Ecocampus Belgium is an initiative of the Flemish government focused on orientating the higher education sector in Flanders on sustainable development. They work towards incorporating the values and principles of sustainable development in all aspects of higher education, with an emphasis on education itself, including content, process and vision. This leads to very diverse actions being undertaken: there are several discipline-oriented learning networks for teachers and professors, as well as interdisciplinary round tables and hands-on tools for working on changing processes. Different stakeholders involved in both education and research are brought together to actually take things forward; students are offered masterclasses in systems thinking, engaging volunteers etc.

Of the 5 universities and 15 university colleges that exist in Flanders today, the majority is taking sustainable development very seriously – seeing it as an essential part of their role in societal development and progress. Ecocampus is there to support and facilitate them on their journey.

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