Green Gown Awards – 2018 – Research with Impact Institution - REVISED

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This category recognises the importance and societal impact of research and development by tertiary education as a driver of sustainable development and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. As claims of impact from research and development can be difficult to judge, entries are sought which:

Are about tangible improvements resulting from research & development, rather than the findings or quality of the research & development itself
Can provide quantitative evidence of what those improvements and resulting sustainability benefits and impacts are. Outcomes linked to the Research Excellence Framework, if applicable, are required
Can demonstrate a clear and unambiguous causal link between the research & development and improvements and benefits.

Note that adoption or dissemination measures will not be considered sufficient evidence by themselves – there needs to be a further stage of demonstration that adoption or dissemination has actually produced results.

Possible activities include:

Research and development leading to mitigation of environmental and wider sustainability-based impacts related to existing technology
Research and development that has created new products with demonstrable superiority to existing ones with regard to sustainability
Research that incorporates the above two, and other principles, as part of a Living Lab project that is successful in co-creating & co-implementing a transformation.

Judges will be also interested in innovative approaches to better link academic research with industry need. Eligible entries can include both large-scale projects with major impacts as well as small-scale projects that provide tangible impacts in focused areas/technologies, or amongst specific target audiences. In line with the broader sustainability agenda, judges will be keen to see evidence on how the project links with the Sustainable Development Goals.

This category replaces the former Research and Development category and the 2 year rule applies.

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