Green Gown Awards – 2018 – Total Reporting - NEW NAME - Awarded by PwC UK

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This Award aims to assess the quality and relevance of sustainability reporting offered throughout the publicly available information provided by institutions. In order to apply the tertiary education institution should provide:

Evidence that sustainability (environmental and social) issues are being factored into core business strategy/priorities.
KPIs and targets around the institutions important sustainability issues.
Performance monitoring and balanced reporting on the organisation's important sustainability issues.

The following criteria are also considered:

Consideration of sustainability risks and opportunities.
Evidence of governance over sustainability performance.
Evidence of engaging with internal and external stakeholders, and how this has impacted on the organisation's sustainability strategy.
Evidence of internal or external assurance over data.

These attributes form the scoring criteria that will be used by PwC UK’s sustainability reporting experts to judge the reports and recommend the winner to the Green Gown Awards.

Applicants are to submit their latest sustainability report or sustainability section of their annual report via appropriate web links for inclusion. No other supported application form is required. The Total Reporting category can be applied for every year as long as the report submitted is for a different year/period than has been previously submitted.

Sustainability reporting tips can be found here.

Applicants are to use the Total Reporting Application Form.

This category replaces the former Sustainability Reporting category.

Proudly supported by PwC UK

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