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Research institutions are the main source of the innovation and discovery driving our global economy and social world. The integration of sustainability into research practices, at all stages, can hugely impact members of society whether they're directly engaged with a particular study or not.

For research-intensive institutions, sustainability can be integrated via two perspectives, as outlined below:

  1. Sustainable Research: relating to research practices that are designed with impact reduction/mitigation in mind. For example, by reusing fieldwork equipment/materials where possible and reducing physical travel where teleconferencing can substitute. 
  2. Research into Sustainability: relating to research that is intended to contribute to or develop knowledge and understanding of an element of sustainability. For example, projects focused on reducing soil erosion and contamination by agriculture, or social research into the knowledge-action gap around climate change.

If you can provide a research paper to the Sustainability Exchange that can be listed as a resource, please get in touch.

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